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Adventure in Glendale

Step into the excitement of Glendale, California with our Ebird Express Party Bikes! Whether it’s a family outing or a gathering with friends, get ready for an unforgettable adventure filled with timeless memories.

Our 15-passenger Pedal Bar Party Bikes come fully equipped with an onboard cooler and Bluetooth connectivity for your favorite tunes. With our expert driver and energetic safety monitor, you’re ensured a lively atmosphere throughout the 1 to 3-hour tour. Illuminate your journey with vibrant LED lights and sing your heart out with karaoke on our flat-screen TV and dual microphones.

Safety is our priority, with optional helmets available for peace of mind. Plus, for private rentals, personalize your experience to perfection. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to explore Glendale in style – book your adventure today and let the festivities begin!

Holiday Party Ideas

Book your Holiday Party Ideas with Ebird Express and enjoy your holidays.  

Kids Pizza Party

Book your 2-Hour Kids Pizza Party with Ebird Express 

Adults Party Pub Crawl Tour

Book Your 3-Hour Adults Party Pub Crawl Tour with Ebird Express 

Bachelor Party

Book your 3-Hour Bachelor Party with Ebird Express 

Bachelorette Party

Book your 3-Hour Bachelorette Party with Ebird Express

Company Party

Book Your 3-Hour Company Party with Ebird Express

Gender Reveal Party

Book your 3-hour Gender Reveal Party with Ebird Express 

Ladies Night Out

Book your 3-Hour Lady's Night Out with Ebird Express 

Worship Karaoke Tour

Book Your 1-Hour Worship Singing Karaoke Tour with Ebird Express 

Sports Team Bar Crawl

Book your 3-Hour Dodgers Baseball Pub Crawl with Ebird Express  

Team Building Activity

Book your 1-Hour Team Building Activity Tour with Ebird Express

Pregame Party

Book Your 1-Hour Pregame Party with Ebird Express 

Most Popular Party Place in Glendale

Ebird Express is most famous party place in Glendale. 


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